Monday, March 26, 2012

CEBU PACIFIC: 25th humanitarian flight for the Airbus Corporate Foundation

Cebu Pacific Fare Promo : Ceb Pac and “Aviation sans Frontières” help ship 1 tonne of medical equipment to the Philippines on delivery flight
The Airbus Corporate Foundation and “Aviation sans Frontières” (ASF) have transported almost 1 tonne of medical equipment to Manila aboard the delivery flight of Cebu Pacific Air’s (CEB) latest A320 from Toulouse, France. The aircraft landed in Manila on Friday, March 16.

“Aviation sans Frontières”, has been a regular partner of the Airbus Corporate Foundation for more than two years now. This non-governmental organisation supports Airbus humanitarian ferry flights from France to countries in need or which have been affected by natural disasters.

This is the 1st time CEB brought medical equipment on a delivery flight of its brand-new aircraft. The largest airline in the Philippines, it will take delivery of 22 more Airbus A320 and 30 Airbus A321neo aircraft orders between 2012 and 2021.
The Philippines has been struck by massive floods last December, killing 500 people and leaving thousands homeless. The medical equipment and medicine (defibrillator, monitor, surgical clothes, equipment and tools) shipped today are all donations from Toulouse hospitals and associations collected by Aviation sans Frontières and will be delivered to the Philippine Heart Center located in Manila, in constant need for medicine and equipment.

CEB President and CEO Lance Gokongwei said, “We will continue to find ways to help our fellow Filipinos, be it through timely relief efforts or lasting educational collaborations. Using our delivery flight to bring much-needed medical equipment to the Philippines is timely and logical, and can only be achieved through a partnership with the Airbus Corporate Foundation and Aviation sans Frontières.”

Caption: Photo shows representatives of Cebu Pacific and Philippine Heart Center during the turnover of the medical supplies from Airbus Corporate Foundation and Aviation sans Frontières, which were transported to the Philippines through the delivery of Cebu Pacific’s latest A320 aircraft from Toulouse, France.  Present during the turnover are (from L-R): Michael S. Shau, Vice President for People and Administration Services, Cebu Pacific; Francisco M. Gomez, Assistant Director for Administrative Services, Philippine Heart Center;   Amelia C. Cuyugan, Chief, Property and Supply Division, Philippine Heart Center;  and Juliet Aguid, Property Section Supervisor, Philippine Heart Center

Andrea Debbané, Executive Director of the Airbus Corporate Foundation said: “The Airbus Corporate Foundation, “Aviation sans Frontières” and CEB identified this flight as one more opportunity to transport medical equipment to populations in need. We would like to thank both our partners and the donor hospitals and associations involved in this project”.
In recent years, Airbus has built up a global network of airlines and relief organisations to support international humanitarian help. Delivery flights of new to be delivered aircraft are being used regularly to transport goods to destinations in need all over the world.  Since its launch in December 2008, the Airbus Corporate Foundation has facilitated 25 relief flights to numerous destinations all over the globe.

The Airbus Corporate Foundation was created to facilitate charitable activities worldwide within an international network of employees and partners. The Airbus Corporate Foundation started its operation on 1st December, 2008 with Airbus president and CEO Tom Enders being appointed Chairman of its Board of Directors. The organization focuses its support on the three themes: humanitarian and community support, youth development and the environment.

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